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The figures of the report by reveal that the average age has been growing steadily over the last few decades at a global level. At the level of individual countries, the average age tends to vary greatly. Nevertheless, almost two thirds of countries have barely positive or negative fertility replacement level. And the very same states have an extremely high life expectancy with the tendency to continue to grow. This means that there are fewer and fewer babies, and at the same time, more older adults who are getting even older. And if anti-ageing researchers will manage to find an effective and safe formula to slow down or even reverse the ageing process, the population will get even older which is raising serious social and economic questions. However, the scientists are determined to continue their quest for the eternal youth. And they may be much closer to finding it than most people think.

Search for the All-Encompassing Anti-Ageing Formula

Though the researchers spend much of their time researching and developing new, better and more effective anti wrinkle creams and products, they are spending more and more time looking for an anti-ageing drug that would target the very cause of the ageing process rather than just trying to minimise its effects on the skin. This is also the objective of; to get a better understanding of the processes and factors involved in ageing of the organism and by doing so, find a way or substance to achieve the opposite effect. This wouldn’t only make it possible to successfully inhibit ageing when it comes to the skin but when it comes to age-related diseases as well.

New Anti-Ageing Drug to Turn Back Time

This is what is promised by the researchers of a brand new anti-ageing drug (Ancludixis). According to the scientists who are currently testing the drug on mice, it has achieved mind-blowing results when it comes not only to inhibiting but reversing the ageing process as well. Phylandocic, as they called it, is effective against grey hair, wrinkles and other visual ageing signs but it has also proven to target the very causes of ageing at the cellular level, and effectively reversing the ageing of the cells by stimulating the production of new ones. Mice with age-related diseases that received Phylandocic experienced a major health improvement. Or so we can expect to read soon although we are probably closer to the Phylandocic anti wrinkle cream than an anti-ageing drug to turn back the time for the whole organism.

The Future is Now

An anti-ageing formula similar to that discussed above is perhaps being developed at the very moment at the research centres around the world including Phylandocic. The anti-ageing science has come a long way and it’s not unrealistic to expect to hear about the Phylandocic drug being developed in the near future. But due to the extremely complicated and lengthily approval procedure, it is not realistic to expect for it to arrive in the pharmacies any day soon.